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we are lost and we are found.... [Nov. 2nd, 2005|05:51 pm]
the wu-tang clan


[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |the chariot-before there was atlanta, there was douglasville]

so it seems I am the only one who updates this anymore.....uh.....leave everything up to the wind school it seems.

anyway I am updateing because the clan had an awesome halloween, right up there as one of the best ever. the roster consisted of me, corry, john, alex, abe, chelsea, and a special apperance by.......JARED. he is such a promising apprentice, some time in the near future he will be initiated. anywho, I got dressed up in my gorilla suit (loathor), an exclusive to the wind school, corry was a pussy cat doll and she was very hot, I wanted to take her in the woods and make sweet gorilla love to her. john was jason, alex was zorro, julius was a sniper, jared was a russian, abe was peter pan and chelsea was tinker bell.


~alex jacking a rug from someones yard
~pulling people around on the rug in the middle of the road
~corry getting hit on by old people
~cheerleading triangles
~me attacking a group of puerto ricans and humping them
~danceing on doorsteps

very eventful night, even though abe didnt come until late and missed everything. come on abe, what happend?

anyway, here are some wu-tang events coming up

johns birthday party
november 11th wrestling match with quake, shade, and whisp
underoath, bled, thrice concert
gang bang at abes house
late night hentai

well that is about it

seeeeeee ya later~

From: xdazednconfusdx
2005-11-03 02:32 am (UTC)
i dont know what happened im ashamed. :(
heres another wu tang event
"stephen's mom jumps on my dick" november 5th
OoOoo yeaaa
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[User Picture]From: godzilla91288
2005-11-05 10:40 pm (UTC)
that happens all the time though.......
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