IM gonna put a jihad on you!


the wu-tang clan
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Whisp-yeah i was raised by monkeys, used to throw feces at people. Im part lebanese and I hate iranians.

*special move* encircles enemy in a whirlwind of endless cocksmacks

Phoenix- The firey arabian suicide bomber, raised in the depths of the sands of iraq. Surfs around on a magic carpet and puts C4's on random americans. Hates the lebanese pussies, and rapes their women and kills their children frequently. Puts many Jihad's on people.

**Special Move** Cockslaps with Fat Loads from a FLAMING penis

Shade- ... Lord of Shadow

*Special Move* - ...

Seraphim- You know... there are many words that can describe a denizen of the light, but I only have one. HENTAI.

*Special Move* - *hosts late night hentai while roasting your dog over a crackling fire*

Blackout- Smokes many joints for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Enjoys latin vagina the shaved shit. I light my joints with my spark. Overdoses on Oxycontin!

*Special Move* Fucks Generator and then cockslaps with a bolt of electric penis.

Tj- fucks sisters regularly

*Special Move* experiments with siblings

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